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Purchasing A Stock From A Publicly Traded Firm Allows The Investor To Gain Partial Ownership For The Corporations.

The stock price is the extrinsic value or the representation of investor’s future expectation of the company. If investors are optimistic that the company will grow in the future, the stock price of the company will surge.

The Benefits of Trading Equity Shares

Similar to the equity market, Indices are only traded during operations hour for respective country’s financial market.


Rate of Return

Rather keeping your capitals with the bank with low interest rates, the rate of return for equity trading can be significant. It is possible for investors to achieve 5 percent return over the course of one day.


There are two different ways the investor may receive income. The practical method is to earn the difference of prices from the value that they bought and the value that they sold. Another method is the dividend payment.

Trading Stocks with SNX Capital

Clients may enjoy trading shares from the companies with high market capitalization; such as Apple Inc., Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

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