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Security Of Funds

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SNX Capital is the paramount one-stop solution for all your investment and trading needs. . We assist both individual and institutional clients in reaping maximum benefits from the outstanding investing and trading possibilities available with currencies, commodities, CFDs, and other instruments.

Testament of Excellence

Testament of Excellence

SNX Capital has been bestowed with multiple prestigious awards in recognition of our outstanding services

SNX Capital has been bestowed with multiple prestigious awards in recognition of our outstanding services

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Views the security of our client’s funds with the highest regard.

Protection of client money

By being regulated by the SVG government, clients of get the assurance that they are protected under a world-leading jurisdiction. The SVG ‘Client Assets Rules’ require Optimum Standard international Group (SVG) Limited to segregate all fund due to you on a daily basis and hold these funds in a separate account held at a bank approved by SVG government. We will hold these funds as trustee. As a result the approved bank or any other creditor of Optimum Standard international Group (SVG) Limited will not be in a position to claim these funds in case of liquidation of Optimum Standard international Group (SVG) Limited.

This also means that your funds and other assets will be segregated from Optimum Standard international Group (SVG) Limited’s own money and will not be available to us for use in the course of our business. We may hold your money and the money of other clients in a pooled bank account. Hence in the event of a default by the bank causes any unreconciled shortfall in the money held in the pooled account, then you may share proportionately in that shortfall. The company maintains operational and client bank accounts with reputable financial institutions. All funds, whether they are classified as company funds or client funds, are kept in the safest top-tier banks.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

All customers benefit from the SVG government scheme. Payments under the protected investment business scheme are limited to a maximum of $1,00,000.00 per customer. The Scheme is set up mainly to assist retail individuals, although smaller businesses are also covered.


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